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SIWA Accessory Pouch

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Color: Brown


Be kind to your glasses, your phone, and your pens, by giving them a secure spot to hang out when they’re in your bag. SIWA’s Flat Pouch is made from their signature paper material that is super soft, lightweight, and flexible. As an added bonus, this pouch closes automatically to keep your belongings secure. Pinch the two corners together to open it up; let them go and the pouch will close up again.

This product is made out of an innovative new material developed by washi papermaker ONAO and designer Naoto Fukasawa. Together, they teamed up to create SIWA Paper Accessories, a line of functional products in hard-to-tear Hi-Tec paper, known as Naoron. It is soft, flexible, highly water resistant, and strong.

Dimensions 7.5 x 3.25 inches

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