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Public Goods Thompson Raisins 8oz

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"Our Thompson raisins are organic, seedless, plump, and full of juicy fruit flavor. Made from Thompson seedless grapes, they’re allowed to ripen and dry naturally in the sunshine, deepening their color and intensifying their flavor. Packed with an impressive amount of protein, potassium, and calcium, our Thompson raisins are more than just delicious, they’re nourishing. Pop a few in your mouth to satisfy sugar cravings, rehydrate and brew into a delicately sweetened tea, incorporate into your favorite trail mix blend, or toss into salads, cookies, or braising recipes."

What’s in it: Organic Thompson raisins.
What’s not in it: Preservatives, pesticides, and additives.
It’s all good: This product is certified organic.
Product of USA.
Full ingredients - organic raisins.

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