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Terroir Chocolate Bar

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62% COLOMBIA | PEANUT & SESAME This sweet dark chocolate is cravable on its own. Add in some peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, and Maldon flake salt and you have a very devour-able chocolate bar. With classic cocoa notes and hints of caramel and molasses, this chocolate is the ideal paring for bourbon or Scotch.

40% WHITE | MATCHA Matcha lovers rejoice! Now your favorite powdered green tea is in chocolate form. Using Organic Matcha from the Kagoshima region, this white chocolate puts the Matcha front and center. A bit of toasted sesame seeds, salt, and honey ginger crystals provide a bit of texture for a truly unique experience.

51% COLOMBIA | ESPRESSO Mocha. A cafe classic. Cacao & coffee have so much in common. From their growing regions to processing steps, these distant genetic relatives are an obvious pairing. This chocolate is a bit of an inverse where the chocolate takes the stage with the complement of coffee. With Onyx's amazing Monarch Espresso involved, this combination is heavenly as you'd expect.

INDIA | CHAI MILK CHOCOLATE Leaning into some of our other cafe favorites this Chai milk chocolate is a tasty compliment to some of the others in our offerings. We start with premium cacao from south central India near Coimbatore that has an incredible bright fruit flavor with caramel undertones. Next we add sugar, milk, and a combination of Chai blends from our friends at Savoy Tea Co. to achieve the classic chai profile you'd expect from this chocolate. Lastly, to give it a bit more dimension, a light sprinkle of crushed pink peppercorns is added to give a light citrusy & piney aroma and flavor.

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