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Diamond Dagger Threaded Stud

Diamond Dagger Threaded Stud
Diamond Dagger Threaded Stud


Three large diamonds in scalloped settings adorn the pommel and crossguard of this small golden dagger, and two smaller diamonds embellish the base of the hilt. The blade is curved and has a raised triangular shape to resemble a realistic weapon.

6.5mm length post

Available in Yellow Gold


Over the course of time, body oil and skin products can collect on jewelry and leave a residue which can occude stones. To keep your jewelry looking bright and new, take a soft headed toothbrush with some mild soap and gently brush the front and back of the stones and metal. Rinse thorougly with tepid water. We do not suggest putting jewelry in an ultrasonic to clean. Steam cleaning works well, but do not steam emeralds or opals as high heat can damage these stones.


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